tankskibsrederiet herning a.s. was founded in 1963 by Vitta and Peder Lysgaard. The aim was to establish a reliable supply for the Danish oil company Uno-X, which they were also founders and co-owners of. Through the years the shipping company has become an international operator under the name herning shipping a.s., and the main office in Herning has from 1998 been supplemented by a subsidiary company in Rotterdam and another in the South of France. Today the shipping company has a very contemporary fleet at its disposal, which carries a number of liquid products.

Since the death of Peder Lysgaard the company has been run by Vitta Lysgaard, who is today chairman of the board and Managing Director. Their son, the late Mr. Knud Lysgaard was Managing Director in a 20-year period starting from the beginning of the 1980's. Today Vitta Lysgaard and the Lysgaard family jointly own the shipping company and the vessels belonging to it.

The shipping company's first vessel, which was a new ship, was launched in 1963. The fleet has since been expanded and renewed continuously. Today it totals 18 units of which the latest new ship was delivered in 2002.

The company also covers worldwide chartering of management tonnage and time-chartered tonnage, totalling the operation and marketing of approx. 35 units of which 18 are owned by the company itself.

Since 1995 herning shipping a.s. has been a co-owner of the ships agency office Arned Agencies b.v. in Rotterdam and in 1998 it was one of the co-founders of Royal Arctic Tankers A/S in Nuuk.