By operating with both owned tonnage, time-charter tonnage and management tonnage herning shipping a.s. ensures that we are always able to match the demands of the market. The tonnage is continuously replaced and renewed in order for the shipping company to adjust to the opportunities of the market. At the same time this allows us to live up to the wish for a state of the art, reliable and competitive fleet.

The shipping company operates and markets approx. 35 units of which 17 are owned by the company itself.

The vessels vary in terms of size and application, which enables them to apply to the multifarious assignments of the company. E.g. we have vessels with low draught for river-borne and fjord-borne traffic as well as vessels with ice strengthening for traffic in arctic waters, The Baltic Sea and The Bay of Botnia. All vessels are of high standard with focus on safety, efficiency and environmentally sound operation. To an ever-growing extent the shipping company makes use of double-hulled vessels.