Name m/t Bernice
Call sign PHBM
Flag Dutch
Home port Willemstad
Built 1978
Class notation GL 100A4
IMO number 7803528
Trading area The European waters limited in the North and the West by the straight lines drawn from Cape Kanin (North Coast Russia) over the points 72N25E, 60N11W,36N11W to Cape Spartel(North Coast Marocco). The Meditt.sea and the Black Sea, with the exemption of the Gulf of Sidra, South of the Parallel of 33N.
Gross tonnage 1262
Nett tonnage 532
Deduction, SBT Not applicable 
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 1623
Winter dw.a.t.  
Lenght b.p. 69,82 mtrs
Breadth 11.38 mtrs
Draft, FW 3.40 mtrs
Air draft 5.50 mtrs
Bunker capacity fueloil 71.26 m
Bunker capacity diesel oil  
Ballast water capacity  998.26 m

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 1471.207 m
Cargo tank layout 3 BB, 3 SB
Max. S.G.  
Seperate slop tank 60 m
Manifold to deck 4.4 mtrs
Manifold to stern 20 mtrs
Manifold to bow 25 mtrs
Manifold to rail 5.6 mtrs

Cargo Handling

Segregation Yes
Cargo pumps 3 x Allweiler 8"
Loading rate  
Discharging rate  
Loading by sucking No
Heating capacity 1.500 KW
Tank cleaning system Basic Orbitors (13 x)
Cargo lines Stainless Steel
Vapour system Wanson 800KWVaporax/Buderus Omninmat SK 175 1200 KW
Oil monitoring system No
Derricks / Cranes MOB crane

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine KHD SBA 8M528-441 KW-750RPM
Propeller Otto Piening, 5 Blades, 1800 mm
Bowthruster Pleuger-Schaffrahn
Auxiliary engines Deutz F61413R
Speed/Bunker consumption Ca. 10 knots; Ca. 4 tons(gasoil)