Name m/t Bitten Theresa
Call sign OUNC2
Flag Denmark
Home port Struer
Built Tuzla Gemini Endustrisis AS, Tuzla, Turkey - 1998 - Hull no. 21
Class notation Lloyd's Register, Deep Sea, UMS, Ice class 1D, IMO 2. No flash point limitation
IMO number 9165451
N.A.A.B.S.A. Yes
Trading area World wide
Gross tonnage 3356
Nett tonnage 1587
Deduction, SBT 653
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 5527
Winter dw.a.t. 5307
Lenght b.p. 96.80 m
Lenght o.a. 106.3 m
Breadth 16.00 m
Draft 5.73 m even keel
Air draft 18 m in ballast
Bunker capacity fueloil 210 mt
Bunker capacity diseloil 34 mt
Ballast water capacity 1885 cbm
TPCM 14 mt/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 5743 cbm epoxy coated, 100%
Cargo tank layout 2 X 6 wing tanks
Max. S.G. 1.54 
Seperate slop tank No, 614 cbm in cargo tanks no. 2 p/s
Manifold to deck 2 m
Manifold to stern 50 m
Manifold to bow 56 m
Manifold to rail 2.5 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 8 grades by use of double valves, but lines and pumps in common, 3 grades with seperate lines and pumps
Cargo pumps 2 Houtin screw pumps 540 cbm at 6 bar. 
1 Houtin screw pump 350 cbm at 6 bar.
Loading rate 1300 cbm/h - maximum/depending on circumstances.
Discharging rate 1100 cbm/h - maximum/depending on circumstances.
Loading by sucking Yes, one pump only. 
Heating capacity Maintain 80 deg c. with outside temperature 0 deg.
Tank cleaning system 2 Fixed BW machines in each tank. 11 cbm at 10 bar.
Cargo lines 3 x 8 inch, stainless steel.
Vapour system 1 x 6 inch vapour return line
Oil monitoring system Yes
Gauging Closed radar system
Derricks / Cranes Yes, 1 ton at 15 m.

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine B&W Alpha Diesel 8L 28-32 - 2665 BHP
Propeller Pitch
Bowthruster Yes - 300 kw
Auxiliary engines 2 xSCANIA DSI, 2 X 330 KW
Speed/Bunker consumption 12,5 knot at 9.3 ton/day (180 cst)


Master Ove Nykjær
Master Anders Fink-Jensen
Master Thomas Peter Bøggild
Chief Mate Morten Brix Østergaard
Chief Mate Henrik Snitker
1st Mate Magnus P.N. Poulsen
1st Mate Svend Jensen
Chief  Engineer Kim Østerlund
Chief  Engineer Kristian Normann Olesen
1. Engineer Albert Zaytsev
1. Engineer Stanislaw Czubak
Pumpman Janusz Paczkowski
Motorman Artur Pilzys
Motorman Wojciech Pruszewicz
Cook Jerzy Szczepaniak
AB Jan Zdroik
AB Krzysztof Dzbik
AB Sebastian Kocur
AB Wojciech Graczyk
AB Tadeusz Baraniak
OS Andy Møller Hansen
Crewlist updated 20.09.2005