Name m/t Dagmar Theresa
Call sign OUNK 2
Flag Danish
Home port Struer
Built RMKMarine, Tuzla, Turkey - 2001
Class notation Lloyds 100A1, Double Hull oil and chemical tanker, Ship Type 2 in association with a list of defined cargoes. Max cargo temp 85 degree C, ESP, LMC, UMS
IMO number 9228588
N.A.A.B.S.A. No
Trading area World wide
Gross tonnage  2654
Nett tonnage  1268
Deduction, SBT  460

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 4402
Winter dw.a.t. 4200
Lenght o.a. 92.27 m
Lenght b.p.  86,34 m
Breadth 13.60
Draft 6.15 m even keel
Air draft 21,10 m
Bunker capacity fueloil 200cbm in tanks protected from sea by double hull
Bunker capacity diseloil 80 mt in tanks protected from sea by double hull
Ballast water capacity 1627 cbm
TPCM 11,1

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 12 Marine Line coated cargo tanks 4480 cbm (98%) 
Cargo tank layout 2 x 6 wing tanks
Max. S.G. 1.54 with tanks 98 pct filled
Seperate slop tank 2 tanks total 43 cbm
Manifold to deck 2.1 m
Manifold to platform 1.5 m
Manifold to stern 43.9 m
Manifold to bow 48.35 m
Manifold to rail 1.30 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 3 grades with seperate lines and pumps
Cargo pumps 3 Screw type pumps
Super strip system Yes
Loading rate 1,300 mts per hour maximum depending on circumstances
Discharging rate 1,000 mts per hour maximum depending on circumstances
Loading by sucking Yes
Heating capacity Maintain about 85 deg c. with outside temperature 0 deg c.
Tank cleaning system 1 fixed BW machines in each tank. 11 cbm at 10 bar - Two seperate cleaning tanks on deck for effective cleaning with smallest possible amount of water
Cargo lines 3 x 8 inch, stainless steel
Vapour system 1 x 6 inch vapour return line
Oil monitoring system Yes
Gauging Closed, radar system
Derricks / Cranes Yes, 1 ton at 15 m

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine MAK M26
Propeller Controllable pitch
Bowthruster Yes
Auxiliary engines 2 x 260 kW and 1 x 88 kW
Speed/Bunker consumption 12,5 knots on 9.3 ton/day (180 cst)
Shaft Generator During normal circumstances no gasoil consumption when maneuvering in and out of port except 1 auxiliary engine consuming 0.5 ton gasoil per 24 hours as safety back-up


Master Niels Peder Holme Rasmussen
Master Flemming Møller Pedersen
Chief Mate Jørgen Gøgsig Søndergård
Chief Mate Lars Erik Gynthersen
1. Mate Henriette Rump
1. Mate Eirik Dam Petersen
Chief Engineer Svend Jungersen Jensen
Chief Engineer Bent Wilsted Christensen 
1. Engineer Sergiy Zavgorodniy
Motorman  Wojciech Jarzabek
Pumpman  Pawel Leszek Bielski
Pumpman  Piotr Prokopowicz
Cook Piotr Marek Pacholak
Cook Tomasz Przygoda
AB Jaroslaw Ostrowski
AB Artur Wierzycki
OS Jozef Kaczmarek
OS Marek Grzeszczak
OS Dariusz Niewiadomski
Crew list updated 20.09.2005