Name m/t Ditte Theresa
Call sign OYBM2
Flag Danish (DIS)
Home port Struer
Built 1977 in Norway
Class notation Highest Lloyds - ice class 1 c
IMO number 7423732
N.A.A.B.S.A. No
Trading area World wide
Gross tonnage 2813.00
Nett tonnage 1334.00
Deduction, SBT 392 mts
Hull Single sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 4501 mts
Winter dw.a.t. 4275 mts
Lenght b.p. 84.20 m
Lenght o.a. 92.82 m
Breadth 14.50 m
Draft 6.827 m even keel
Air draft 28.50 m
Bunker capacity fueloil N/A
Bunker capacity diseloil 247.00
Ballast water capacity 1400.00
TPCM 10.16 mt/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks (basis 98 pct filling): 2421 cbm in 4 epoxy coated center tanks, 2078 cbm in 18 epoxy coated wing tanks
Cargo tank layout Center tanks 1-2-3-4, wingtanks 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 PS/SB
Max. S.G. Centre Tanks 1.2 ; Wing Tanks 1.025 - Higher SG possible with partly filled tanks.
Seperate slop tank 2 slop tanks of 106.5 cbm (top wing tanks no. 4 p/s)
Manifold to deck 100 cm
Manifold to stern 43.90 m
Manifold to bow 49.30 m
Manifold to rail 320 cm

Cargo Handling

Segregation 7 grades complete segregations by seperate lines and pumps. 13 grades segregation by double valves but lines/pumps in common.
Cargo pumps 4 Framo Deepwell pumps, each 120 cbm/hr - against 7 bar(seperate pump/line and manifold to each center tank) 3 Houttuin screwpumps each 100 cbm/hr - against 7 bar ( seperate line for each wing tank pair, segregation as follows: 1st 1 p/s + 2 p/s+ 3 p/s, 2nd 4 p/s + 5 p/s + 6p/s, 3rd 7 p/s + 8 p/s + 9 p/s) 1 portable emergency pump 70 cbm/hr - against 7 bar.
Loading rate 3-400 mts/h
Discharging rate 300-400 t/h
Loading by sucking Vesel is able to suck cargo onboard.
Heating capacity Maintain 75 deg c.
Tank cleaning system Butterworth
Cargo lines All cargo lines from centre tanks to manifold are stainless steel diameter 100 mm/4". All cargo lines from wing tanks to manifold are of mild steel and diameter 100mm/4"
Vapour system Vessel is not fitted with vapour return lines.
Oil monitoring system Yes
Gauging Manual
Derricks / Cranes

2 Derricks SWL=950 kg

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine MAK 8M 453 AK 2800 HP at 600 RPM 8 cyl 4 stroke
Propeller Single screw - Pitch Propeller.
Bowthruster Yes - abt 300 hp
Auxiliary engines 2 x SCANIA DSI 14 MO1 NV, 350 Hp , 1 x CUMMINS 855-G6(M) 350 Hp
Speed/Bunker consumption (basis calm weather, no current): abt 13,5 knots/ 9 mts MDO and 0,6 mts MDO for Aux in ballast condition. Abt 12,5 knots/ 10 mts MDO and 0,6 mts MDO for Aux in loaded condition. 0,4 mts MDO in port not using pumps. 0,9 mts MDO in port when using pumps.


Master Per Weber Petersen
Master Leif Hansen
Chief Mate Danial Jacup Jacobsen
Chief Mate Per Weber Petersen
Chief Mate Tomislaw Rodin
1st Mate Radoslaw Jacek Dzaman
1st Mate Zbigniew Andrzej Bera
Chief Engineer Per Tvilling
Chief Engineer Peder Tranberg
1st  Engineer Gent Christensen
1st  Engineer Knud Stokholm
Cook Witoslaw Pawlowski
Cook Janusz Mazur
Messman Robert  Kowalczyk
Messman Jerzy Krzyzostaniak
Pumpman Przemyslaw Mujta
Pumpman Marian Szabelski
Pumpman Waldemar Tucholski
Motorman Zbigniew Czubak
Motorman Leszek Wozniak
AB Waldemar Glinski
AB Stanislaw  Witka
AB Edward Plazinski
AB Zdzislaw Tobolski
AB Zbigniew Szymskowski
Crew list updated  20.09.2005