Name lpg/c Gas Pioneer
Call sign P3TY4
Flag Isle of Man 
Home port Douglas 
Built 1991/rebuilt 1992
Class notation B/V 3/3 E+mC Aut. Deep sea worldwide trading ADNR for River Rhine
IMO number 8850918
N.A.A.B.S.A. Yes
Trading area WW 
Gross tonnage 1173
Nett tonnage 557
Deduction, SBT N/A
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 1400 mts told
Winter dw.a.t. N/A
Lenght b.p. 76,80 mtrs
Breadth 11,04 mtrs
Draft, FW 3,62 mtrs
Air draft 14,00 mtrs
Bunker capacity fueloil N/A
Bunker capacity diesel oil 80 mt gasoil
Ballast water capacity Seperate ballast system app. 988 cbm
TPCM 8 mt / cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 1490 m3 at 98%
Cargo tank layout 1PS / SB 2 PS / SB 
Max. S.G. 0.96
Seperate slop tank N/A
Manifold to deck 1 m 
Manifold to stern 40 m
Manifold to bow 36.5 m
Manifold to rail 1.5 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 2 grades by use of same pumps and lines
Cargo pumps 2 centrifugal pumps each of 120 m3/h at 130 m head. 2 oil free compressors each with a capacity of 125 m3/h. " cargo vapourrers.
Loading rate Max 400 CBM / HR
Discharging rate Seea above
Loading by sucking N/A
Heating capacity N/A
Tank cleaning system N/A
Cargo lines 1
Vapour system Vapour return line
Oil monitoring system N/A
Gauging Closed tank gauging system
Derricks / Cranes N/A

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine ABC 6 CYL., 4-stroke 1325 Kw
Propeller F.P.P.
Bowthruster 3.3 ton thrust at 220 Kw
Auxiliary engines 2 electrical generators 279 Kw
Speed/Bunker consumption ABT 10.5 knots on 5 MTS GO