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Name m/t Grete Atlantic
Call sign C6IQ9
Flag Bahama
Home port Nassau
Built 1968 - rebuilt 1977/1990
Class notation Germanischer Lloyd + 100 A4, AUT 16/24, Oil Tanker, for products with flashpoint above 60 deg. c.
IMO number 7642223
N.A.A.B.S.A. Yes
Trading area Europe and Mediterranean (trading area can be widened to world wide)
Gross tonnage 915
Nett tonnage 391
Deduction, SBT 297
Communication GSM +45 40608530
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 1591
Winter dw.a.t.  
Lenght b.p. 72.65 m
Breadth 11.04 m
Draft 3.60 m even keel
Air draft 17 m
Bunker capacity fueloil N/A
Bunker capacity diseloil 122 cbm
Ballast water capacity 1035 cbm
TPCM 8 mt/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks (basis 98 pct filling): 1411 cbm in 8 mild steel tanks.
Cargo tank layout 2 x 4 wing tanks
Max. S.G. 1.4
Separate slop tank 44.5 cbm
Manifold to deck 1.2 m
Manifold to stern 34.5 m
Manifold to bow 42.3 m
Manifold to rail 2 m
Cargo Handling
Segregation 2 grades complete segregations by seperate lines and pumps, 8 grades segregations by use of same lines and pumps, and db. pumps.
Cargo pumps 2 screw pumps with a capacity of 180 cbm/hr against 6 bar
Loading rate 250 cbm/h - maximum/depending on circumstances.
Discharging rate 175 cbm/h - maximum/depending on circumstances.
Loading by sucking Yes
Heating capacity About 70 deg c.
Tank cleaning system Portable
Cargo lines 6" of mild steel
Vapour system No.
Oil monitoring system No.
Gauging Open
Derricks / Cranes Yes
Main and Auxiliary machinery
Main engine Deutz RBV 8 M 545 - 1000 bhp
Propeller Fixed
Bowthruster Yes - 180 hp
Auxiliary engines  
Speed/Bunker consumption (basis calm weather, no current): About 11 knots with a consumption of about 3,8 mts gasoil excl. heating

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