Name m/t Marianne Theresa
Call sign OVIV2
Flag Danish
Home port Struer
Built 1991
Class notation Lloyds +100 A1 - chemical tanker ship type 2, lmc/ums
IMO number 8820286
N.A.A.B.S.A. No
Trading area World wide
Gross tonnage 1716
Nett tonnage 850
Deduction, SBT 358
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 3232
Winter dw.a.t. 3128 mt
Lenght o.a. 83.50 m
Lenght b.p. 78.57 m
Breadth 13.50 m
Draft 5.47 m even keel
Air draft 28.40 m (incl areal) 23.40 m (excl areal)
Bunker capacity gasoil 16 mt
Bunker capacity diseloil 112 mt
Ballast water capacity 1341 mt
TPCM 9.57 mt/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks (basis 98 pct filling) 3071 cbm in 12 stst wing tanks, 99 cbm in 2 stst slop/cargo tanks
Cargo tank layout 12 Stainless steel tanks, 2 stainless steel slop/cargo tanks
Max. S.G. 1.2 - Higher SG possible with partly filled tanks.
Separate slop tank 98.50 cbm (98 pct filling)
Manifold to deck 45.40 m
Manifold to stern 44.7 m
Manifold to bow 44.70 m
Manifold to rail 1.9 m

Cargo Handling

Segragation 14 grds complete segregation by seperate pumps and lines
Cargo pumps 12 Svanehøj deepwell pumps with capacity of 80 cbm/w/h, 2 Svanehoej deepwell pumps with capacity of 50 cbm/w/h
Loading rate 350 cbm/h
Discharging rate 20/55/80 cbm/h - 100 MLC
Loading by sucking No
Heating capacity Capable of maintaining 70 deg c
Tank cleaning system Toftejorg single stage
Cargo lines Inside diameter main cargo lines: 4 inch, inside diameter manifold connections: 6 inch
Vapour system Yes (incl slop tanks)
Oil monitoring system Yes, BRISTOL BABCOCK
Gauging Closed, Radar system
Derricks / Cranes Crane: 1 midship starboard side 1.5 mts in 15 m reach

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine Mak Type 6 M 452-1100 KW at 450 rpm Shaft generator
Propeller Pitch Propeller
Bowthruster Yes - 183 KW
Auxiliary engines 2 x 276 kva/238 kw Volvo, 1 x 181 kva/157 kw Volvo
Speed/Bunker consumption (basis calm weather, no current): -Marine diesel oil on M/E - 4.5 mts/5.0 mts speed abt. 11.5 knots laden 12 knots in ballast / 6.6 eco-speed 1.7 mt


Master  Jan Andersen
Master  William Pedersen
Chief Mate Preben Kodbøl
Chief Mate Søren Agnoletti Andersen
1st mate Martin Petersen
1st Mate Johnny Holm
Chief Engineer Daniel McLaughlin
Chief Engineer Kjeld Bähring
Chief Engineer Kurt Serup Jensen
Junior Engineer Jonas Munch Nielsen
Motorman Roberts Andruzskis
Cook  Georgij Lomidze
Cook  Nikolajs Jevsejevs
AB Igor Zajarniuk
AB Oskars Praulins
AB Konstantins Melniks
AB Dmitrij Biliajev
AB Vjaceslavas Gorba
AB Jevgenijs Borzovs
OS Tommy Vejrup Hansen 
Crew list updated 20.09.2005