Name m/t Seatrust
Call sign HP7054 3
Flag Panama
Home port Panama
Built 1979
Class notation I3 / 3E oil tanker esp. deep sea oil nls pol
IMO number 7916820
Trading area Europe / WAF / Med / Black Sea / Red Sea
Gross tonnage 1314
Nett tonnage 717
Deduction, SBT  0
Hull Single bottom / single sides

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 2067
Winter dw.a.t. 2000
Lenght o.a.  74.00
Breadth 12.00 m
Draft 4.85 even keel
Bunker capacity fueloil 80 mt. 
Bunker capacity MG 32 mt.
TPCM 7.00

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 2616,00 in 10 cargo tanks (epoxy)
Cargo tank layout 5 x 2 wing tanks
Manifold to deck 1.2 m
Manifold to stern 25.90 m
Manifold to bow 22.00 m 
Manifold to rail 1.80 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 2 grades (tanks 1+3+5) / (tanks 2+4)
Cargo pumps 2  electr. driven Type Bornemann 750 m3/h each
Heating capacity No heating.
Tank cleaning system Portable clean system
Vapour system No
Oil monitoring system Babcock-Bistrol Ltd. Otm 17 x MDA 1984
Gauging Hand tapes
Derricks / Cranes No

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine Hansin Type 6LU38
Propeller Fixed
Bowthruster No.
Speed/Bunker consumption 10.5 knots on 4.6 mt IFO 30 cst.