Name m/t Serra Theresa.
Call sign V2RJ
Flag Antigua & Barbuda
Home port St John´s Antigua
Built RMK Marine, Tuzla Turkey - 2003
Class notation Bureau Veritas I 3/3 Oil Tanker / Chemical tanker IMO 2. Unristricted Navigation Ice 1D, AUT-UMS .
IMO number 9254965
N.A.A.B.S.A. Yes
Trading area World wide
Gross tonnage 1074
Nett tonnage 450
Deduction, SBT 201
Hull Double Hull

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 1519 mts 
Winter dw.a.t.  1462 mts
L.O.A. 70,14 m
Lenght b.p. 64.80 m
Breadth 10.45 m
Draft 4,19 m on even keel 
Air draft 9,65 m (in ballast)
Bunker capacity fuel oil  
Bunker capacity diesel oil 95 cbm (basis 100 pct) 
Ballast water capacity 796 m3
TPCM 6,4 ton/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 9 Marine Line coated cargo tanks - 1614 cbm (98%) 
Cargo tank layout 9 tanks (4 tank set + 1 center)
Max. S.G. 1,35 t/m3
Separate slop tank 2 deck tanks: PS 22,464 cbm + SB 22,574 cbm - 1C can also be used as slop tanks 64,79 cbm 
Manifold to deck 2,1 m
Manifold to stern 32,93 m
Manifold to bow 36,93 m
Manifold to rail 1,85 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 5 grades complete segregation by use of seperate lines and pumps. 
Cargo pumps 9 Borneman deepwell pumps. Designed capacity 60 cbm w/h.   
Loading rate Minimum 400 cbm7ph, when loading 1 grade of cargo
Discharging rate 400 m3 /h
Loading by sucking  No
Heating capacity Maintain about 80 deg an outside temperature of 0 deg. c.
Tank cleaning system Each tank is equipped with 1 fixed butterworth machine, with its own drive unit.
Cargo lines 316 L stainless  steel
Vapour system Yes - PV for each tank + 2 vapour return
Oil monitoring system Yes - Fitted 
Gauging Yes
Derricks / Cranes 2,0 tons hose crane

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine MAK Type 6M20 1500 horsepower 
Bow thruster 110 KW
Speed/Bunker consumption Abt 10,5-11 knots on about 5 mt gas oil