Name m/t Sofie Theresa
Call sign OUQV2
Flag Danish (DIS)
Home port Struer
Built DEARSAN, Tuzla, Turkey - 2004 - Hull No. 27
Class notation Highest BV, Deep Sea, UMS, Ice Class 1C, IMO 2.
IMO number 9297151
N.A.A.B.S.A. No
Trading area World wide trade
Gross tonnage 2660
Nett tonnage 1085
Deduction, SBT 429
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 3418, 20 T
Winter dw.a.t. 3292,41
Lenght b.p. 86,65 m
Lenght o.a. 92,86 m
Breadth 14.10 m
Draft 5.60 m
Air draft 34.0 m keel
Bunker capacity fuel oil 240 Tonnes at 90%
Bunker capacity gas oil 34 tonnes at 90%
Ballast water capacity 1671 tonnes
TPCM 10,76 Tonnes/Cm at SDW

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks (basis 100 pct filling): 3991,91 cbm 
Cargo tank layout 1c, 2 p/s, 3 p/s, 4 p/s, 5 p/s and 6 p/s
Max. S.G. 1.54.
Separate slop tank Yes. 1 centre
Manifold to deck 1,75 m
Manifold to stern 37.72 m
Manifold to bow 54.14 m
Manifold to rail 3.05 m 

Cargo Handling

Segregation 3 grades with seperate lines and pumps, 11 grades by double valves but sharing lines 
Cargo pumps 3 x 257 m3/hr.
Loading rate 400 m3/hr each tank
Discharging rate 250 m3/hr each tank
Loading by sucking No
Heating capacity Max. 85o C
Tank cleaning system Fixed in each tank, Scanjet.
Cargo lines Stainless Steel
Vapour system 2 x 6 Inch vapour return line
Oil monitoring system Yes
Gauging Closed radar system
Derricks / Cranes Yes, 2 ton/12 metres

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine Man B&W ALPHA, 6L 27/38
Propeller Controllable Pitch
Bowthruster Yes - 240 Kw
Auxiliary engines 3 Pcs 


Owner I/S Global Chartering
Manning Owner Herning Shipping a.s


Master  Freddy Flind-Petersen
Master  Jens Lynge Ottosen
Chief Mate Knud Skovgaard Jensen
Chief Mate Henrik Rind
1. Mate Kim Østergaard Hansen
Chief Engineer Erik Max Andersen
Chief Engineer Finnbjørn Clementsen
Chief Engineer Carsten Løkke Nielsen
1. Engineer Páll Hentze
1. Engineer Leif Stærke
Pumpman Miroslaw Kujawa
Motorman Krzysztof Dysput
AB Marian Kulig
AB Wojciech Graczy
AB Zbigniew Kubas
AB Sylwester Gorgon
Cook Tadeusz Stanislaw Karansinski
Cook Stanislaw Kolodziejski
OS Rafal Marcin Sokol
OS Dariusz Niewiadomski
Crew list updated  20.09.2005