Name m/t Vityaz
Flag Panama
Homeport Panama
Built 1995 in Russia
Class notation RMRS - Ice Class 1C
Gross tonnage 3.719 less deduction for sbt 765
Nett tonnage 1.493
IMO Number  9035539
Trading area  Baltic; Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, West Coast, Africa
Hull Double sides, double bottom

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 5.215mts on 4.64 mtrs draft
Lenght b.p. 113.80 mtrs
Breadth 16.60 mtrs
Air draft 23.9 m
Bunker capacity fuel 224 cbm // gasoil 50 cbm
Ballast tank capacity 2798 cbm
TCPM 17.90

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 5.177 cbm in 8 epoxy coated cargo tanks basis 98 pct
Ballast Separate ballast system
Manifold to deck 2.6 m
Manifold to stern 55.0 m
Manifold to bow 58.7 m
Manifold to rail 2.1 m

Cargo Handling

Segregation 4 grades by means of seperate lines/pumps 8 grades by means of 1 valve and 1 blank flange (cargo in Portside tanks to be loaded over top)
Cargo pumps 4 x FRAMO deepwell pumps - capacity each 170 cbm water/ hr
Loading rate   
Discharging rate  250 cbm / hr (homogeneous cargo)
Loading by sucking  No
Heating capacity 65 degr. C.
Cargo lines  Steel
Vapour system  No
Oil Discharge Monitor  Yes
Gauging  Open
Derrick  1 amidship 3.0 mt SWL

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main Engine   1 x DPPN 2050/228 Russkiy Diesel (unfder license of Wartsila) . 2050 kwt.
Propeller   Fixed
Bowthruster 200 hp
Aux. Engines Demp / Man 2 x 160 + 1 x 80 kwt
Speed/ Bunker consumption min. 9  knot on 8,5 mt ifo  80 cst + 1,2 mt gasoil