tankskibsrederiet herning a.s. was founded in 1963 by Vitta and Peder Lysgaard. The aim was to establish a reliable supply for the Danish oil company Uno-X, which they were also founders and co-owners of. Through the years the shipping company has become an international operator under the name herning shipping a.s., and the main office in Herning has from 1998 been supplemented by a subsidiary company in Rotterdam. Today the shipping company has a very contemporary fleet at its disposal, which carries a number of liquid products.

Since the death of Peder Lysgaard the company has been run by Vitta Lysgaard, who is today chairman of the board. Their son, Knud Lysgaard is managing director and he and Vitta Lysgaard jointly own the shipping company and the vessels belonging to it.

The shipping company's first vessel, which was a new ship, was launched in 1963. The fleet has since been expanded and renewed continuously. Today it totals 10 units of which the latest new ship was delivered in August 1999.

The company also covers worldwide chartering of management tonnage and time-chartered tonnage, totalling the operation and marketing of approx. 25 units.

Since 1995 herning shipping a.s. has been a co-owner of the ships agency office Arned Agencies b.v. in Rotterdam and in 1998 it was one of the co-founders of Royal Arctic Tankers A/S in Nuuk.


herning shipping a.s. has specialised in transportation of liquid products within 4 main categories:

  • Petroleum products including lubricating oils
  • Edible products, vegetable oils, fats, oleo chemicals, molasses, waxes etc.
  • Acids, solvents, sophisticated chemical products etc.
  • Liquified petroleum gasses (LPG).

A staff of skilled brokers and operators ensures the optimal solution of our customer's need for transportation. We cover voyage charter, time-charter, contracts of affreightment and other types of shipping contracts, which our customers may desire.

herning shipping a.s. operates worldwide and has a vast experience with transportation in Northern Europe, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, North and West Africa, South America and South East Asia. Furthermore, we are experienced in river-borne traffic as well as operations in arctic waters.

The Fleet

By operating with both owned tonnage, time-charter tonnage and management tonnage herning shipping a.s. ensures that we are always able to match the demands of the market. The tonnage is continuously replaced and renewed in order for the shipping company to adjust to the opportunities of the market. At the same time this allows us to live up to the wish for a state of the art, reliable and competitive fleet.

The shipping company operates and markets approx. 25 units of which 10 are owned by the company itself.

The vessels vary in terms of size and application, which enables them to apply to the multifarious assignments of the company. E.g. we have vessels with low draught for river-borne and fjord-borne traffic as well as vessels with ice strengthening for traffic in arctic waters, The Baltic Sea and The Bay of Botnia. All vessels are of high standard with focus on safety, efficiency and environmentally sound operation. To an ever-growing extent the shipping company makes use of double-hulled vessels.

Other activities

herning shipping a.s. does not only operate with transportation of liquid products. The buying and selling of second hand tonnage, contracts for new ships and other projects are also a part of the shipping company's business span.

The shipping company is co-owner of one of the leading agencies in Rotterdam, Arned Agencies b.v., which has specialised in handling all types of tankers and liquid cargoes. Arned Agencies b.v. offer a professional, rapid and cost effective service within clearance and other agency work in connection with the ports of Rotterdam, Europort and Amsterdam.

Aims and values

herning shipping a.s. aim to be a bonified and professional partner. This is why we have big demands for the vessels which we operate and vast resources is spend in order to develop and attract a highly qualified and experienced staff at sea as well as at shore.

Our aim is to offer our customers the following:

  • Quick product change (and quick cleaning of tanks)
  • Clean cargo tanks
  • Well maintained vessels
  • Environmental consciousness

And this will be the case every time.

In order to substantiate a well functioning quality control system and to ensure a continuously high standard, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance certified the company's own vessels and offices according to ISO 9002 in 1993. Furthermore, the company's own vessels have been ISM certified since 1995. Recently, the company has commenced an environmental control system, which should result in a certification according to the ISO 14000 standard within the year 2000.

herning shipping a.s. has adopted several values which will characterise our day-to-day business as well as the contact with our customers:

  • Friendliness
  • Flexibility
  • Punctuality
  • Efficiency
  • Top quality service

And it is no coincidence that we have listed friendliness at the top!

It is our hope that this has made you inclined to test our services and our ability to solve your particular assignment.