latest news emphasis on human resources

New Human Resource Management System to be implemented

herning shipping is about to implement a series of new systems, by means of which the company will have access to perform evaluations much quicker.

It is better for herning shipping to set demands as opposed to being ordered to meet demands already set by others. In fact these initiatives are quite similar to the implementations already made in areas covering the external environment and the working environment. Common to all areas is the fact that herning shipping implemented these standards prior to them actually being mandatory rules, Financial Director at herning shipping Mr. Svend Erik Nielsen who is in charge of staff and educational related matters, informs.

Actually our staff policy has always been rather active and ambitious and for many years we have strived at creating the best possible environment for our staff members. However, this does not prevent us from taking additional steps in order to encourage staff development. An individual education program will be set up for all staff members within all offices and onboard all vessels. The program is based on a functional description, as a result of which the demands will be set in accordance with individual staff member's position and responsibility.

- To be more exact we have a series of demands, which we set out for the individual positions. Actually some human resource plans have already been set in action. PC courses have been initiated for all staff members to be enrolled on, in order for all to get maximum benefit from the massive investment put in state-of-the-art computer technology and to improve e-mail communication and minimize costs related to paper use.

Initiative & Outlook

- It is quite naturally that time has now come for us to focus on our staff members. During the past few years we have put emphasis on being certified in areas related to quality control, environmental management and most recently we received the OHSAS certification. Therefore it is only natural for us to start concentrating on the human resources, who tie it all together at the end of the day, Svend Erik Nielsen reports.

- We have always welcomed staff members' own desire to pursue further education and training. Obviously we will continue to do so in future. However, we will start setting higher demands and put forward course suggestions and we expect our staff to be aware of what is expected of them as regards job development. We are living in an ever-changing environment. Companies have to develop all the time and we take it for granted that our staff are interested in moving along with us so to speak - that they are interested in being part of this gradual non-stop development.

Desired workplace

- We want to create a desired workplace for all our staff. In order to accomplish this, we need to bear this in mind every day. herning shipping strives at offering customers a stable and skilled staff to solve the tasks assigned. The increased focus on human resources i.e. staff training and education is an important aspect in keeping old staff and attracting new staff members to herning shipping, Svend Erik Nielsen concludes.