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Aims and values

  About herning shipping

Aims and values
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The vision of herning shipping can be described as follows:

”We aim at being THE preferred carrier of choice by trend setting customers & want to be recognized as THE top performing company within our market place, and by this continue to create value to our shareholders”


Our values can briefly be described using below-listed keywords:
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • “Everything is possible” 
  • Order
  • Kinship
  • Teamwork

These key words combined make up “the herning spirit”, which is to be preserved in future!


The mission statement of herning shipping:

”The company will meet the demands for sea transportation, including service & logistic aspects related hereto.”

"Regardless of location, we operate within our niche as one company and we want to maintain a fleet of fully certified ships which meet the highest market standards"

”We want to ensure that our company provides excellent working conditions to our employees”


The strategy, by which we seek to fulfil our mission, and move toward our vision can be described as:

We must meet our customers' needs for “GLOCAL” quality transport, by means of tailor-made solutions, and in so doing we are to enhance a positive reputation and stay profitable.


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