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Information technology policy

Quality control policy
Herning shipping a.s. sees the quality system as a tool to be used to ensure that customers receive good, uniform service and to strengthen the company's position in the market.

It is the aim of herning shipping a.s. to carry out quality control in accordance with the requirements laid down in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Therefore, a list of primary goals has been drawn up, which the quality system is to help to fulfil.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Development
  • Efficiency
  • Inter alia, this implies that:
    • Planning and error prevention are important areas within the quality system
    • Work is carried out continuously to improve quality standards
    • All employees are familiar with their individual jobs' quality requirements
    • All employees report all deviations in quality regardless of their cause
    • Controls are carried out to ensure that the projected quality objectives are reached
    • Controls are carried out to ensure that our environmental protection policy is fulfilled
    • Controls are carried out to ensure that our energy policy is fulfilled

To meet the above-mentioned objectives, it is essential that the company, in particular the chartering department, is constantly informed of the customers' needs and expectations.

Quality can be defined as the degree to which the customers' expectations are fulfilled. The degree of need fulfilment can be drawn up as a bar chart illustrating the ratio of the need felt and expressed to the need fulfilled.

The company will do its best to ensure that the customer receives the highest possible level of need fulfilment. It will also do its best to ensure that the quality shortfall attributable to the company is as small as possible.

These goals are to be achieved through the company's declared objectives, i.e.:

  • We must be polite, flexible, efficient and render good service to everyone
  • Our vessels must be well maintained
  • We must be punctual, and delays, if any, must immediately be reported
  • We must never be rejected because of dirty tanks
  • We must be conscious of the environment
  • We must maintain safe operation

Company slogan: Efforts made jointly - are efforts made pointly!

Environmental policy
The company's environmental policy is to prevent the environment being damaged, in particular due to our "Ship management and operation of the fully owned fleet of chemical and product tankers trading world wide". We aim to run a flawless operation with zero incidents and are committed to continual improvement in environmentally sound performance and pollution prevention.

To reach these goals we are committed to the following:

  • Follow existing national and international legislation
  • Comply with other requirements to which the company subscribes.
    Continual replacement, renewal and development of an environmentally friendly fleet
  • Environmentally orientated training for both ship-based and shore-based employees
  • To keep our employees on board ashore currently updated regarding the environmental regulations considering sea transportation
  • Never throwing anything overboard except for food waste
  • Seek to use environmentally friendly anti-foulings
  • Immediately informing the national authorities in case of accidents which may lead to pollution of the environment
  • Optimise the use of separate ballast tanks
  • Ensuring that anti-pollution materials are always nearby when loading, unloading or bunkering
  • Seek to reuse, recycle and recover waste when possible
  • Try to influence suppliers and contractors to operate within environmental standards that are not in conflict with our policies
Health and safety policy
The company's health and safety policy is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses among the company's employees, contractors and visitors. Further the Health and Safety policy is to ensure continual improvement in occupational health and safety performance.

To reach these goals we are committed to the following:
  • Follow existing
  • Working conditions are totally secure as regards health and safety
  • Dangerous chemicals and materials are used only in accordance with procedures and methods that effectively protect employees against accidents and illness
  • The established safe limits for exposure to, for example, noise, cold, dust and steam are followed
  • All employees have received proper instruction in safety procedures
  • Machines, tools and other technical aids are in good working order and used in a sensible manner as regards health and safety
  • Safety shoes are always worn for work on deck and in engine room
  • Safety helmets are always worn outside accommodation and engine room
  • During loading / unloading procedures, personal safety equipment is always used appropriately with regard to the product on board
  • Safety meetings are held regularly
Energy policy
The company's energy policy is to ensure that the company's ships do not cause unnecessary air pollution. It is also to ensure that fuel is not wasted and that wear and tear on machinery components is kept to a minimum. We are committed to the following:
  • Continuously adjusting the performance of the propulsion machinery to achieve maximum utilisation of the fuel consumed. This includes the adjustment of the ratio between pitch of the propeller and the engine's revolutions
  • Shutting down boilers, etc. immediately after use
  • Only running the auxiliary motors, when actually required (with regard to safety precautions)
  • Doing everything possible to ensure that all machinery components are in the best possible condition to achieve maximum performance
  • Switch off all lights in spaces where it is not needed, including cabins, galley, forecastle room, tween-deck, pump room and some engine spaces
Drugs and alcohol policy
Abuse of drugs and alcohol and its effects is one of the most significant social problems of today and increasing efforts is made everywhere to reduce the problem.

Working onboard a ship - no matter what position one may have - is a task of great responsibility.

We as managing Owners have one objective only in this respect: Our ship or its equipment must not be operated by crewmembers impaired by drugs or alcohol.

To ensure that the above objective is fulfilled delivery of legitimate drugs is recorded and controlled so that all crewmembers are able to respond at any time to an emergency situation.

Herning shipping a.s. has decided, to prohibit any consumption of alcohol on board the vessels. This prohibition applies for the vessel's crew as well as for any other persons being on board the vessel.

All offenders of this prohibition of consumption of alcohol on board the company's vessels will be expelled from the vessel, and as for members of the crew, they will be dismissed immediately.

The above policy has been in force from 7th June 1991.
Personnel policy
The company's personnel policy is not definitive, but can be described as follows:
  • The employees are the company's most valuable asset
  • A good and safe workplace must be created and maintained
  • To train our employees so that they are always familiar with developments within the company's sphere of business
  • To seek a high level of employee commitment and loyalty
  • Our employees should be able to work together and should experience a high level of job satisfaction
  • To seek to maintain a good atmosphere among our employees
  • To seek open and close dialogue between our employees, managers and owners
  • A healthy income for the firm forms the basis for the above

Purchasing policy
The purchasing policy of the company is to ensure that when purchasing goods or services we employ suppliers who can always meet our needs and expectations.

Our relations with our suppliers must be characterised by mutual trust, understanding and honesty. Quality is the most important factor of any purchase, and is followed by the price to quality ratio. However, attention must always be paid to the delivery time.

We must do our utmost to build up good relations with our main suppliers, thus concentrating our purchases with a small number of major suppliers. The company believes that it is important to be seen as an "important customer". In this regard, it is also imperative that the supplier understands the importance of being able to make deliveries on time, and not after the relevant ship has sailed. The supplier must also understand that there are special demands to be met when making deliveries to ships, in respect of supplies related to requirements of classification societies.

We will try to influence our suppliers to supply as environmental friendly products as possible.

The following rules must be applied to attain the above:

We must
  • give our suppliers comprehensive information about our standards
  • make it clear that quality is the major factor in our relations
  • make clear our requirements regarding the product and the associated service
  • carry out evaluation of the suppliers' ability to deliver
  • carry out spot checks on price and quality
  • give notification of approaching purchases as soon as possible
  • inform the supplier of delivery irregularities as soon as possible
  • stimulate the exchange of relevant experience through personal visits, etc.
  • keep our side of all agreements

We must make certain demand to our suppliers and subsequently monitor the degree of compliance.

Suppliers must

  • deliver on time the agreed quantities of goods which match with our specifications
  • organise overseas deliveries without involving the company in burdens on paperwork, custom formalities etc.
  • solve problems connected to delivery errors quickly and efficiently
  • give notification of delivery irregularities in good time
  • show willingness to collaborate with us to ensure efficient order and delivery procedures
  • consider our partners as long-term partners and give good service

Information technology policy
The IT policy of the company is to ensure that we always are in front with regard to information technology and to protect both company's investment in Information Technology, and the privacy and integrity of data.

To reach these goals we are committed to the following:
  • Try to use only standard software systems
  • Continual improvement within the standard systems to ensure maximum performance
  • Continual education and training of employees
  • Use Firewalls
  • Use Anti Virus programs
  • Store all data on a central secure media
  • Take Backup every day
  • Fight the use of unlicensed software
  • Optimise the use of the Internet as a marketing and search tool
  • Ensure that all new systems are expandable, in order to fit future needs
  • Consider Compatibility before any purchase of new hard- or software
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the electronic business processes

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