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To remain well represented in its market segment and to ensure its leading position, herning shipping is constantly renewing and introducing new ships to its fleet. Therefore, as part of its growth strategy – to focus on growing the fleet from within – herning shipping has initiated an extensive building programme. Turkey, Singapore, and China are among the countries where new ships are being built. Currently and through to 2010, herning shipping is concentrating on its largest ever new-building programme.

As herning shipping starts using its new buildings and phasing out old vessels, the average age of the fleet is improving – it has already been reduced to less than 4 years, which compared to 12.8 years – typical of a global fleet – puts herning shipping among the very best.

In today’s quality-conscious environment, it is not surprising that the trend-setting oil majors demand quality ships and safe transportation; a trend that herning shipping is fully in line with. The company is positive about the future and confident that it can continue to offer quality service and vessels to its loyal customers.

herning shipping a.s. controls a fleet of sophisticated vessels up to 13.000 dead weight tonnages. Approximately 50% is own ships, the rest is on short to long term contracts to herning shipping as.

The vessels vary in terms of size and application, which enables them to apply to the multifarious assignments of the nice in which herning shipping as operates. E.g. we have vessels with low draught for river-borne and fiord-borne traffic as well as vessels with highest ice class for trading in arctic waters, The Baltic Sea and The Bay of Botnia etc. All vessels are of high standard with focus on safety, efficiency and environmentally sound operation.

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