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Instructions to agents - last updated: 25.05.2011
This information serves to bring you up-to-date on our requirements from agents when attending our tankers, details of whom you will find at this homepage under "fleet".
You will receive an appointment either from herning shipping or from DA-Desk with the following information:  
  • Vessel’s name
  • Vessel’s eta
  • Last port or place of call
  • Cargo to be loaded/discharged in port
  • Transit cargo on board, if any
  • Next port or place of call
  • Actual loading port
  • Other relevant details for the vessel’s call at yours
  • Name of our Agent in previous as well as next port
As we are operating in a highly competitive market with relatively short voyages, optimal flexibility for the fleet is essential. Re-shuffling or programs at a late stage and at very short notice is not uncommon but is frequently necessary, you will therefore often receive information at relatively short notice.

Upon receipt of our appointment either from herning shipping or from DA-Desk, we expect a short confirmation from you providing us with an estimated turn around time at your port. Any other relevant data such as: restrictions, expected delays and the reason for same, name of berth(s), loading and/or discharging rotation, number of lines/grades to be worked, one by one, or simultaneously and/or in which order, size and dimension of the connections, bad weather expected must also be advised. This information is required in order for the vessel and us to plan the voyage and cargo operations so we are fully aware of the duration of the stay in port.

Prior arrival:
herning shipping, and/or the Master, and/or the Agent in previous port will currently update you on the vessel’s eta, as well as any change in cargo composition. We expect you to keep us, the Master, as well as the Agent in next port informed of any changes in berthing / prospects / turn around / ets. Please note that without our prior consent you are not authorized to instruct slow steaming in order to time the vessel’s arrival.
We expect that the Agent will continuously report the vessel's position and expected time of arrival to the local shipper and/or receiver, as well as to the pilot, mooring company, harbour office, local authorities surveyors, bunker suppliers, as well as the Coast Guard, and all other relevant parties which may be involved in the actual port call. If the vessel for whatever reason also need to report anything direct to for instance the Coast Guard 24 hrs prior to arrival, alternatively pass on 'advance cargo declaration' and/or other notifications and pre-arrival details in advance, we kindly ask and expect that the Agent will remind the Captain about this on a pre-arrival message send direct to the vessel.

Upon arrival:
Shortly after the vessel’s arrival at your port we expect to receive an e-mail stating the arrival details, and your best ets. If the vessel arrives within office hours, we expect to receive an ‘arrival e-mail’ within relatively short time after the actual arrival. For vessels arriving after office hours, an ‘arrival e-mail’ the following morning before 0800 hours Danish time will be sufficient.

If there are any sudden significant changes in berthing prospects, turn around, departure time etc. we ask you to inform us hereof immediately in order for us to be able to achieve optimum planning.

Upon departure:
After the vessel has left your port, we expect to receive an e-mail stating full details of what transpired at your port, the mail details including times for: 
  • Anchoring and weighing anchor, as well as the reason for anchoring (i.e. congestions, awaiting tide, awaiting shore readiness etc)
  • Pilot on board
  • All fast at the berth
  • Notice of readiness tendered
  • Notice of readiness accepted
  • Tanks inspected and accepted
  • Hose connected (if more than one grade - then grade by grade)
  • Loading / Discharging commenced (grade by grade)
  • Any interruptions during cargo operation, clearly stating the reason(s)
  • Loading / Discharging completed (grade by grade)
  • Hose disconnected (grade by grade)
  • Cargo documents on board (when loading)
  • Loaded cargo temperature when heating during passage is required
  • Actual departure time
  • If any tug(s) was used to assist the vessel during berthing and/or departure, and the reason why (i.e. is this service compulsory for this size of vessel, or did the pilot recommend this, alternatively did the Captain request  assistance) 
Also information about:
  • Letter of protest, either from shore or from the vessel
  • Bill of Lading figures after loading
  • Information of whether the loading was stopped by shore or the vessel, i.e. "ship stop", or "shore stop"
  • Bunkers replenished (if any) and quantity ROB for all grades of bunkers in tons on departure
General flow of information: 
We insist that all written correspondence is in English, this includes Statement Of Facts, Notice of readiness, Letters, Disbursements accounts etc. We kindly ask you to use e-mail for all communication to our office and if required and needed tlx to the vessels thanks.

Statement of facts:
We kindly ask you to issue a Statement Of Facts stating as many details as possible, including the details set forth under the heading "upon departure". It is of the utmost importance that the following three parties sign the Statement of Facts: Terminal, Agent and the Master of the vessel.

We kindly ask you not to fax or mail the SOF to herning shipping a.s. unless you are especially instructed to do so. The SOF is to kept in your files and handed over to herning shipping a.s. upon request. Certain Charterers may ask us to provide a special SOF, which we will send attached to the Agency nomination. It is very important that this special SOF is used for these voyages, and important that this SOF is returned to herning shipping straight after the vessels's departure.
For appointments which involve DA-Desk:
Please attach the SOF in the DA-Desk system against the particular call.

Notice of readiness:
When the NOR has been duly signed by the representatives of the shippers/receivers it is to be kept in your files. We kindly ask you not to fax or mail the NOR to herning shipping a.s. unless you are especially instructed to do so.

Bill of lading:
When the original Bill of Lading has been duly endorsed by the local receiver, it is to be send by registered mail to herning shipping. This is to be done within 30 days after the vessels's departure.

More than one herning shipping controlled vessel in port:
In case you are attending more than one of our vessels in port, we ask you to kindly send a separate e-mail for each Vessel.

ISPS Code:
Following September 11th, IMO has taken steps to implement new safety procedures in compliance with the "International Ship and Port Facility Security" Code (also known as the ISPS Code). All vessels operating internationally are to conform to the ISPS Code by 1st. July 2004 at the latest.

The ISPS Code, however, implies great demands as to ship admittance, wherefore we have no other alternative but to request name and ID for all people boarding our vessels.

herning shipping trust that you will inform your water clerk's, local surveyors, jetty operators, ship chandler, mooring men and other personnel which may board any of our vessels accordingly, and prior to the vessel's arrival in port.

Should the implementation of the ISPS Code result in any additional costs for Owners account, or extended long port operation, we expect that you will inform us in due course and prior to the vessel's arrival.

In case the vessels need to pass on any special notification and other information to the port authorities prior to the vessel arrival, we expect that you - acting as the local agent on herning shipping behalf - will pass on the information and the notification form directly to the Captain, either via e-mail or telex. To the contrary, you do NOT need to inform this office about the documentation required, unless any delays might occur or in case any additional costs are involved.
EU cargo notification:
When attending agency on our behalf, the responsibility for EU Cargo Notification/Import Control System/EU Advance Cargo Declaration fully remains with the Agent. It is the Agent's responsibilty to declare the cargo information in advance to the local customs and authorities, in line with both the national and international rules and regulations. The work performed by the Agent in this respects is considered to be a part of the Agency work, and as such not further compensated, and must therefore be included in the lumpsum agency fee agreed for the specific call.
herning shipping's ''Economic Operators' Registration and Identification'' number is : DK 40533516
Marpol 73/78:
Most of the cargoes carried on our tankers are subject to MARPOL 73/78 - Annex I and/or Annex II regulations. We will do our utmost to keep you fully informed as to specific procedures required at your port, and we expect that your staffs is well versed in the basics of "MARPOL" rules and regulations.

If the vessel has to replenish bunkers at your port, we will inform you regarding the quantity stemmed and then name of the supplier. We expect your full cooperation with the bunkers suppliers in order to arrange for the best service and smooth delivery, thus saving valuable time and avoiding/minimizing any overtime.

Cash to master:
We will normally inform you about the Master’s requirement for cash. Should the Master, however, request cash directly from you, please inform us of all relevant details and obtain our approval before releasing any cash to the Master.

Fleet particulars:
Please find all required information on this homepage under "fleet".

Disbursements accounts: 
When attending Agency on the herning shipping group's behalf, the following instruction must be followed.
For Short Sea and Deep Sea calls involving DA-Desk, we kindly ask you to submit your Proforma & Final DA's using our online DA-Desk application. The Proforma DA should be submitted in the currency in which the majority of the cost items will be invoiced. Physical Disbursements must be dispatched to DA-Desk as per attached. Your compliance in respect of stating the basis of calculation for each item will alleviate the need for queries and ensure a smooth process.
Documents: Due to accounting regulations we cannot accept to pay any costs not supported with original invoices. Any charges to be submitted on agency letterhead should be agreed prior to vessel call. All invoices / vouchers shall be in English or with keywords translated by you into English.
Rate of Exchange: Please provide documentation justifying the rate of exchange (if applicable). The ROE can be supported by any one of the following:
  • Bank document confirming the ROE used by the receiving bank for the inward remittance of Proforma Advance funding.
  • Central Bank published exchange rate on vessel's departure date.
  • In case one or other of above are not available, ROE will be taken from www. on vessel's departure date.
  • Any other date during the vessel's stay in port is also acceptable for the above.
Dispatch of the Final DA:
Please ensure the final DA is sent within 30 days of vessel sailing to enable us to prepare and issue any claims to Owners in good time.
Please login to DA-Desk system and update the Final Disbursement Account (FDA). This is important - you will receive correct dispatch instructions at this point.
Please dispatch the Final DA(s) using the DA-Desk's courier account number to the following address:
Warehouse 1J-08/1
Hamriah Fee Zone
P.O. Box 41658
United Arab Emirates
Phone:     + 971 6 526 3312
Fax:         + 971 6 526 3777
Please note that all DAs are processed at DA-Desk in the United Arab Emirates. There should be no dispatch expenses in the FDA as DA-Desks Courier account umber should be used.
Dispatch of supplementary invoices should either be included with the shipment of another Final DA or sent by registered mail. Shipments of supplementary invoices against the DA-Desk account number are prohibited, as are non-DA related items such as cargo documents.
For Agency Appointments NOT involving DA-Desk:
The front page of the disbursement account must include the following details:
  • Your VAT number
  • Vessel’s name as well as voyage number
  • Date of arrival and departure
  • On your invoice please group the usual port costs into three totals:
A) Flat lumpsum Agency fee including overtime and all petites, such as but not limited to; Car expenses, Isps fee, telephone, telefax, e-mail, postage and other out of pocket expenses.
B) Other expenses (to be specified).
C) Owners Account.
Costs for Owners Account must be clearly marked "Owners Account";
however, before any costs for “Owners account” can be included in your final disbursement account, please make sure that written acceptance and approval has been granted from herning shipping. For vessels on time charter to herning shipping it is not sufficient to have the head Owners acceptance, if the costs is subsequently included in the final disbursement account sent to us.

Environmental costs and costs for disposal of household garbage, which are not compulsory need to be marked "Owners expenses".  

All invoices must show total amount excl. vat, amount vat (if any) and a total amount incl. vat. Vat on underlying vouchers must be shown on your invoice.
Needless to say, that all the original vouchers must be kept in your office, and handed over to herning shipping a.s. upon request. Please issue your final disbursement account for:
herning shipping a.s.
Theresavej 1
7400  Herning

For m/t Vitta Theresa, m/t Birthe Theresa and m/t Serra Theresa all flying Singapore flag, your final disbursement account need to be addressed to:

herning shipping asia pte. ltd.
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#17-05/06 Great World City East Tower
Singapore 237994
For m/t Lisa, m/t Marim, m/t Deniz A, m/t Akri, m/t Loya, m/t Dagmar Theresa, m/t Bitten Theresa and m/t Mar Cristina your final disbursement account needs to be addressed to:
herning chartering a.s.
Theresavej 1
7400 Herning

Please send your final disbursement account to or by fax to no.: +45 96264681. The disbursement account will be settled when approved by herning shipping group, within 30 days. herning shipping does not transfer "cash in advance" if the amount only covers normal port expenses. Please do not send any final "hard copy" invoices to above-mentioned addresses.

Except for your company letterhead, please try to keep the disbursement account in black and white, as some colures may be difficult to read.

It's very important, that what we receive from you is your own invoice and not a specific draft made just for us. The disbursement account and the vouchers are to be send to us either in the same file, or the same fax. (Please do not send us two or more invoices in the same file or fax).

Please feel free to call our accounts department, should you have any questions.

Payment Instruction: 
It is very important that you include on your invoice your "IBAN" number (International Bank Account Number) as well as your "SWIFT" address and full bank details, including account number on your final disbursement account.

D & A Policy: 
In order to further strengthen our focus on safety and the environment, herning shipping tightened its internal Drug and Alcohol policy in the Autumn of 2002, changing the definition of alcohol impairment from a blood alcohol content of 40 mg/100 ml into 0 mg/100 ml. This means that no alcohol is to be consumed by any crew member whilst signed on a vessel – on duty or off duty - on board or ashore.

To enforce the revised D&A policy, herning shipping counts on your assistance. We expect you to inform us immediately should you observe anything indicating a violation of the policy. It is of utmost importance that prompt action is taken wherefore you should make sure that the information is received when given – i.e. if outside normal office hours, the information must be given via herning shipping’s duty phone. This request will form part of any future agency agreements between our companies.

We trust you will consider this as extending your excellent service to us.

In order for herning shipping to be absolutely certain that our fleet (owners tonnage, t/c and management vessels) always perform exceptionable, we expect that our agents will report any & all irregularities which they may observe themselves, alternative hear from the terminal, pilots, port authorities etc.

As you know herning shipping a.s. strives to meet the highest possible environmental friendly operation and we trust and expect that our agents will assist in every possible way
. Please refer to herning shipping a.s.'s policies on this web page.


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