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Staff Association


Staff Association herning shipping a.s.

The aim of the club is to strengthen the contact between the members and to improve the acquaintance amongst the member families. Additionally it pursues all interests of the staff members both of cultural and social character, which does not collide with interests, which is looked after by herning shipping.

In general the board must arrange a variety of entertainments for the club members and their families. The board will decide where and how many club members can attend each arrangement and to what extend the club will finance hotel stay for arrangements.

The board members 2006/07:

Tim Engell Pedersen, office Herning  President
Marianne Schmidt Nielsen, office Herning Treasurer
Janni Bodholt Nielsen, office Herning  Secretary
Jane Damkjær Hansen, office Herning  Secretary
Per Weber Petersen, Master Hanne Theresa Vice President
Niels Ole Christensen, office Herning  Rank-and-file member
Klaus Vikkelsø, office Herning   Rank-and-file member
Martin Petersen, 2nd Officer Susanne Theresa Rank-and-file member

The general assembly constitutes the club’s highest authority. An ordinary general assembly is held once a year and must be called with minimum 1 month notice.

Retired members can maintain their membership as passive members, in which case they maintain their right to attend and speak at member meetings, they do however, loose their right to vote. Officers, cadets and trainees are also members of the staff association on favorable terms.

Programme 2006/07:  

DATE                    ARRANGEMENTS

17/06 2006           Legoland - oneday trip incl. lunch
01-02/07 2006      Canoe on the "Store Å" - sleeping in the open. (Postponed)
13/08 2006           Sailing trip on "Svendborg Sund" (Postponed)
26/08 2006           "Cirkus Revy'en", Bakken - Copenhagen
09/09 2006           Golftrip - one-day trip to Djurs-Golf
07/10 2006           Football match in Copenhagen
November 2006     Mini Cruise to Oslo (weekend-trip)
08-09/12 2006      Christmas lunch on "Martha Stuen" in Svendborg
24-25/02 2007      Sea-West (weekend trip)
Marts 2007           Opera in Copenhagen
April 2007             Zoo, Djursland
Maj 2007              Prize drawing


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