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m/t Irene Theresa




Technical data


Name m/t Irene Theresa
Call sign V7TL8
Flag Marshal Islands
Home port Majuro
Built / delivery STX Shipbuilding
Class notation ABS + A1 Chemical Carrier, Oil Carrier, IMO 2
IMO number


N.A.A.B.S.A. N/A
Trading area Worldwide
Gross tonnage 8,278 t
Net tonnage 3,725 t
Deduction, SBT 1,449 t
Hull S-7004

Main Dimensions

Summer dw.a.t. 12,835 t
Winter dw.a.t. 12,278 t
Length o.a. 121.80 m
Length b.p. 113.00 m
Breadth 20.40 m
Summar draft 8.65 m
Air draft 27.4 m
Bunker capacity fuel oil 542.4 cbm 100%
Bunker capacity diesel oil 70.5 cbm 100%
Ballast water capacity 5051.4 cbm 100%
TPCM 19 mt/cm

Tank Layout

Total cap., cargo tanks 13,680 cbm at 98%   
Cargo tank layout 1 P/S, 2 P/S, 3 P/S, 4 P/S, 5 P/S Slop P/S, Epoxy coated
Max. S.G. 1.25 t/cbm
Seperate slop tanks 2
Manifold to main deck 2100 mm
Manifold to platform 750 mm
Manifold to stern 60.8 m abt
Manifold to bow 61.0 m abt
Manifold to rail 3500 mm + 500 mm (flange connected)

Cargo Handling

Segregation 5 + 1
Cargo pumps 12 Framo SD 150 - 2 Framo SD 100 (for slop tanks) 
Super strip system Yes
Loading rate Each apir 660/260 cbmhr
Discharging rate 300 cm/h (slop 130 cm/h)
Loading by sucking
Heating capacity Steam heating, max load/disch temp. 85 Deg. C
Tank cleaning system
Fixed tank cleaning machine one set for each cargo tank
Cargo lines 5 ANSI
Vapour system Yes
Oil monitoring system Yes
Gauging Yes
Derrick / cranes 1 X 10 mt SWL

Main and Auxiliary machinery

Main engine 1 x STX Man B & W 6S35MC
Propeller NI-AL-Bronze wet type keyless
Bow thruster 1 x app 400 kw
Stern thruster N/A
Auxiliary engines STX Man B&W Holrby 5L23/30 3 x 600 kw
Speed/Bunker consumption
About 13.5 knots/17 mtpd IFO 380 cst
Shaft Generator N/A